A Monument on a Hill

If you stand on the ramparts at Stirling Castle and look north-ish, you’ll see a spire jutting off the top of a craggy outcropping. This, my friends, is the Wallace Monument. Fact: William Wallace was a real person. Fact: He is a national hero of Scotland. Fiction: Pretty much everything you saw in Braveheart.   … More A Monument on a Hill

A Castle on a Hill

One of the great things about Scotland is that it’s chock full of castles. Everywhere you go, there’s a castle. And I love a good castle. One of my favorite so far is the castle at Stirling. Stirling is a town about an hour outside of Edinburgh by train. For such a small town, they … More A Castle on a Hill

Through the Hills

One of the first things you notice about Brits when you move to the UK is that they like to walk. I mean, if you’ve tried to navigate the Edinburgh bus system and noted how far the bus stops are apart, you can get an idea of how much the average Scottish person walks on … More Through the Hills