A Castle with a View

On the northern coast of Sicily, there’s a long, skinny peninsula that juts out into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Where the peninsula meets the mainland, there’s a town. In the town, there’s a hill. And on this hill, there’s a castle. Once upon a time, people realized that this rocky promontory was a good lookout point … More A Castle with a View

Il Duomo di Messina

Looking like a squat woman standing next to her bean-pole of a husband is the Cattedrale alla Madonna Assunta (cah-the-drah-leh ah-lah mah-doh-nah ah-soon-tah), the Duomo of Messina (doo-oh-moh). First things first: In the Roman Catholic tradition, the Church maintains a hierarchy. Parishes are run by pastors, who answer to bishops, who run dioceses and answer … More Il Duomo di Messina