I had a dead-end job as a cashier, a degree in English that I wasn’t sure what to do with, and a cat named after Flannery O’Connor who gives head butts and chirps like a bird.

I packed up numbers two and three and ditched number one.

English is the current lingua franca, and people all over the world are trying to learn what’s quickly becoming the language of business, science, and education. That means that schools all over the world are looking for people who speak English fluently to come and teach for them. Lucky for me, not only do I speak English as my first language, I love it. I would love nothing better than to sit and talk about English language, grammar, and literature all day.

Except, maybe, to do it in a pretty cool place.

I’m an English instructor who loves literature, food and drink, and the chance to learn something new. To that end, I packed up a few books, a toothbrush, and my cat, and set off to see what was out there. Here’s what I’m finding.


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